10.0 lb

Kitchen King Basmati Rice is sourced, grown, harvested and cared for with the highest level of expertise and care from local growers in the Northern region of India that is renowned for producing the finest crops thereby ensuring consistent product quality.
And it is the finest among all the varieties of rice that we offer. It is topmost in taste, pearl -white & long-grained in appearance and natural protein-enriched rice. Being real traditional Basmati rice, it has become the first choice of Basmati lovers due to its unbelievable fragrance and rich taste.
Kitchen King's truly authentic basmati rice from the foothills of Himalayan mountains are World's Longest Basmati Rice and is now available in a convenient 10kg pack.


The New Indian Supermarket is currently offering curbside pickup as well. If you choose this option, you can simply place an order with us, and we will then package your items and place them in your car or simply leave it outside our store, where you can pick up your items on your own. In current times, safety of our staff members and customers is top priority and with curbside pickup, we can ensure both simultaneously. It is a hygienic, safe and worry-free process.

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