Some of America's highest quality dairy, like Humboldt Organic Reduced Fat Milk, comes from one of America's most pristine places,. And Humboldt's respect for its animals, environment and community are just a few of the reasons it's are proud to supply your family with high quality, delicious organic dairy products. From California Pacific Coast family farms, where cows are free to graze on lush green pastures. No antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and GMO free.


The New Indian Supermarket is currently offering curbside pickup as well. If you choose this option, you can simply place an order with us, and we will then package your items and place them in your car or simply leave it outside our store, where you can pick up your items on your own. In current times, safety of our staff members and customers is top priority and with curbside pickup, we can ensure both simultaneously. It is a hygienic, safe and worry-free process.

*Prices subject to change