2.0 lb
Bytewise Organic is a quality assured food to people across the globe to help them choose a healthy lifestyle.
With that in mind, they set out to deliver products that served the health choices of the people. Bytewise wholly support organic farming and are committed to ensuring that each product that is presented to you is passed through the highest level of quality tests and matches with the industry benchmarks.
They provide 100% pesticides free zone, naturally grown organic foods by adopting advance use of technology, processing and assortment. Bywise assure to serve you with the best food that one can get without having to compromise on the quality.


The New Indian Supermarket is currently offering curbside pickup as well. If you choose this option, you can simply place an order with us, and we will then package your items and place them in your car or simply leave it outside our store, where you can pick up your items on your own. In current times, safety of our staff members and customers is top priority and with curbside pickup, we can ensure both simultaneously. It is a hygienic, safe and worry-free process.

*Prices subject to change